The Software That Talks To Everyone...
So You Don't Have To...

"Man minus the Machine is a slave; 
Man plus the Machine is a free man."
- Henry Ford

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What is Yes-Software?

Yes-Software (YesS) is a "machine" that helps coaches, consultants and network marketers sift and sort prospects on automatic. It filters through all the wrong people, online, automatically. It can handle recruits, customers, clients, whomever you are seeking for what you have to market.

YesS “talks to” anyone online to find out...

1) IF they have the problem that you and your program solve,
2) IF they’re now looking for the type of solution you offer, and
3) IF they’re ready to pay the price range you offer.

From total strangers to your next door neighbor, each one gets to sit with a few fun, value-based, proprietary questions online, and they self-select or pass up the offer, without any pressure from you. No friendships were ever strained using YesS. Ever.

No stress for you either. All. You. Get. Are. The. Yesses.

How do they come to you?

You get notified of bookings for sessions on your calendar or you get direct orders. We get both. 24-7.

This is a “make them come to you” approach. I’ve used it for almost 30 years, and have tested online for the past three years.

500+ clients later, including a majority of high-enders ($2,500+ programs), I know this machine can pick out the right ones.

YesS helps committed coaches and consultants, and "out-of-friends" network marketers - who will no longer have to deal with the rejection and unending No's from the wrong people (mostly, right?)

It’s for folks who are not interested in cheap gimmicks or games of persuasion, fads, or nagging friends or family. They. Just. Want. Paying. Clients. They can help. Or sales reps to help them expand.

How does YesS work?

Well, inside, there's this magic mechanism...

A customized-to-your offer "readiness ritual."
What's that?
Continued here...

Runs 24-7 Around The Internet World

Are you an ambitious builder? 

Software runs 24-7...

What comes with your ?

Your custom Readiness Ritual "machine" reviewed by Kim and her highly trained team...

Includes your online/offline marketing approach, response sequences and friendly "Closing" Sales Interview process. This is what Kim has used to personally recruit hundreds and hundreds to build 6 NM companies to the top, and this is how she fills up her own high-ticket coaching programs.

It's ideal for those who are willing to work, but just don't know what to do, to add $10K/mo to their income.

Best fits: Crazy, weird and passionate people who are determined to make a dent in this universe, and who do not want to spend their time marketing and selling.

Warning: Not a cheap date. Not $59. For those who want 6-8 figure businesses.

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