"You have three bookings today..."

Yes-Software sent them to me.

How it works. We have a proprietary software that allows custom qualification of prospects. THEY self-select as a YES or NOT NOW, thanks.  You don't ever hear NO. It doesn't matter what you market. The YesS generates custom "Readiness Rituals" for any niche, any price range. Customers, clients or sales reps. :)

If you are one of the early round users of the new Yes-Software, accosting others is over. Nagging friends and family is over. Feeling like a leper is over. Hearing "It's too expensive!" is over. Running out of warm market doesn't matter anymore(!)

Yes-Software qualifies and brings recruits and customers TO you - Facebook, email, all social media, even on business cards. Anywhere you want...24-7!

It is like a Trojan horse you send in. You get this neat, custom link to give someone (or to use to advertise on Facebook). It opens to reveal an engaging readiness ritualcustomized to your business or product. People LOVE taking the readiness ritual and often pass it on to others.

When someone does their short, fun readiness ritual, and when there IS a great match, you get email or booking messages telling you there's a potential customer waiting...

In my last experimental company, my team mate and I signed up 167 folks, all brought in with a beta version of Yes-Software. Of the matches, 85% signed up.  I don't know what YOU will do since I don't know how you relate to people on the phone or skype or Facebook, or how much practice you've already had.

I also used Yes-Software to bring in some members of my high-end Inner Circle and this YesS Marketing System. Shows it can work for all types of prospects...

You know the old, "We don't 'sell' we sort?"  Well, the  YesS sorts FOR you. Intelligent machine-sifting and sorting.

*You talk to ONLY those who COME TO YOU and who already share similar values - as it relates to your offer (product, service, program + YOU)? I call it: Make. Them. Come. To. You.  You ready for that?

*Yes-Software brings your exclusive customer profiles right to your email box, or to your FB messenger, or books directly with any calendar booking app like Schedule Once or Calendly...

*And yes, Yes-Software can be customized to your product/service or business. Works for recruits AND customers!

What you get about these qualified prospects: Complete profile: Name, email, what they want to spend, what matters to them as it relates to your offer. Most people just book appointments to chat with you(!)

We can take 17 entrepreneurs this round - (round three).  🙂It will not be "cheap". It's a customer-recruit qualifying-machine with delicious moving parts right up to them booking an interview with you.  I've tested it for three years. 500+ signups. Majority high-ticket ($2,000++)

Don't know how to market and sell? No idea where to start?

Included is an extreme "Make them come to you" marketing system - it begins with helping you
1) define your NICHE, to 2) how and where to call their name - especially Facebook organic marketing, how to 3) sell and close the right ones, and how to 4) help them get the transformation they came to you for in the first place, 5) get endless referrals because they loved your program.

Last year, I signed up 167 folks personally (most of whom paid $595 for the first month of the 90 day alternative eating program), using this, in 115 days. I put the custom Yes-Software on Facebook and in my emails.

- KIM Klaver

PS The Readiness Ritual is based on 29 years of me personally prequalifying everyone I ever spoke to, wrote, talked to, or messaged. Just decided to make that process available since it's gotten me people to talk to, 85% of whom signed up on the spot because they WERE ready AND had their money ready as well.

PPS The Yes-Software Marketing System is for folks who are ambitious and ready to go all in for this next year, and who do NOT want to continue sifting and sorting one by one. You ready for a shortcut to achieve 6-7 figures? Ideal for network marketers and coaches offering their own $2,500-$25,000 programs so they can focus on helping, not marketing and selling. You up for that?


 Test Drive Here... :)